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Austin Powers and Casino Royal

The Man On The Radio is telling me that Lounge Music is making a come back. It seems that Lounge is music like Herp Alpert or the stuff they played during the Austin Powers films. Come to think of it, Herp Alpert performed the theme to, what must have been the inspiration for Austin Powers and still the best Bond film ever, the original Casino Royal. TMOTR also suggested that Ursula 1000 are a modern band who make Lounge Music. Some time ago I bought a CD by a band named Lamb Chop who are also said to have dabbled in Lounge and The Saturday Option is a definite must listen.

brighton bulldozer

brighton bulldozer


Ecstasy – Miro – Counterpoint

The Duchess

The Duchess

On Friday 13th May I went up to London to see Mike Leigh’s play Ecstasy at The Duchess Theatre on Catherine Street.

This is the first time I’ve been to the Duchess and it’s a great little theatre. Pretty small and with a wonderful little bar very reminiscent of a 1970s episode of Department S.

I’m a great fan of Leigh’s films and this, of course, influenced my viewing of the play. It seemed far more planned than his films and I guess this is because of the improvisational nature of his directing style in film. A lonely woman has some friends around for some drinks and all loudly and drunkenly proclaim their long lasting friendship and the woman engages just enough to appear involved. When the friends start to depart her loneliness gets the better of her. Cast includes Sian Brooke, Daniel Coonan, Claire-Louise Cordwell, Allen Leech, Sinead Matthews, Craig Parkinson.

Miro - The Farm

Miro – The Farm

The following day I had a look around Tate Modern and the Miro exhibition. The building continues apace in central London and modern apartment blocks have sprouted up behind Tate Modern. The Miro was beautiful and I was particularly struck by some of his earlier work portraying his family farm. Also the latter denser and more iconic work was very good.

Then on Monday the 16th I saw some dance named Counterpoint at the Komedia in Brighton. I have very little experience of dance but this was worth watching. From the start there was a fantastic buzz in the audience, probably brought about by the large number of kids who had turned up. Appropriate really as the second piece seemed to be a sex education lesson including erection and condoms.

Counterpoint - The Komedia

Counterpoint – The Komedia

The last piece was the most dramatic. Two dancers dangled around on ropes and swings about our heads. Ver effective and entertaining.

st malo beach

St Malo Beach


Dancing in the band stand

Dancing in the band stand

Dancing in the band stand

Walking home Wednesday night about 10pm I noticed a bunch of people dancing in the band stand. Dancing! In the band stand! It sounded pretty much like Salsa or related South American music. Perhaps it was one of these dance classes. What an excellent venue

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Freezing wet December, then...Bloody January again!




Girl On Tube

Waterloo Station


Traffic Lights

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