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U.S. drugs ‘n’ guns policy is arse about face

back to front
back to front

Yesterday we heard of yet another dreadful killing by a lone gunmen in the United States and, as usual, there are calls for greater gun control. Just as predictably we can expect the gun lobby to protect their rights under the United States Constitution Second Amendment: The Right to keep and bare arms.

There can be little doubt that the prevalent of guns in the U.S. is a contributing factor to the high number of murders but regular rampages by lone gunmen are not the only downside to the supposed protection of Americans rights. The Wikipedia list total firearm related deaths per 100,000 per year lists the United States as 12th. That doesn’t seem too bad until you notice that the countries which are worse than the U.S. are those such as El Salvador and Colombia. Countries which are more usually compared with the U.S. such as those of Western Europe they are way down the table. France is at 26 and Germany at 51.

An article by David Wagner in The Atlantic Wire claims that research shows that strict gun control laws do lead to fewer deaths. Interestingly Switzerland has no standing army and relies on a people’s’ militia who keep their guns at home and Switzerland ranks at 16 on Wikipedia,

But Americans are not the only people to suffer from lax U.S. guns laws The Economist has run several articles lately on Mexico, a country with a growing economy but which is held back by murderous and ruthless drug gangs. And where do these gangs get their guns? The United States of course.

Drugs and guns are very similar, they’re both great fun but and both potentially lethal. The difference being that drugs are made in the developing world and guns in the developed world. To quote The Clash: “In a war-torn swamp stop any mercenary, ‘n’ check the British bullets in his armoury”

U.S. policy on drugs is to ban them and blame the manufacturing countries. U.S. policy on guns is to sell them to anyone who wants them and blame the consumers. Perhaps the policies are just back to front?

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Old Fashioned LSD

In the old days, perhaps before the mass hysteria about drugs, scientists used to conduct experiments on the effects of LSD. The first two videos are quite fascinating. I love the way that, in the second video, the girl seems to be having one revelation after another until she realises “I can do everything!”.

The miliary thought they could use LSD as a weapon and so they experimented too. Happily the results seems to have been merely to incapacitate a bunch of Royal Marine Commandos by causing them to giggle and “lose their sense of urgency”. Oh, and one man “nearly succeeded in felling this tree using only a spade”.

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Americans who lose jobs are “losers” according to Pete King

pete king - Automysophobe
pete king - Automysophobe

I have watched the protest outside St. Paul’s with interest and am disappointed with the reaction of the establishment. If the protesters have done nothing else, they have drawn attention to The City of London and it’s questionable regulations which appear to give large corporations excessive power over The Square Mile. (More on this later with luck).

However, thus far, no British politician has revealed themselves to be quite as moronic as Peter King, the U.S. Representative for New York’s 3rd congressional district. On Bloomberg TV Mr. King stated that the Occupy  Wall Street protesters are “living in dirt” and  “involved with drugs” and then went on to say that “there was violence”, “there was rape” and accused the protesters of being “losers”. Of course Mr. King is partly right. Certainly many of the potesters  have lost their jobs, their homes or their pensions.

Mr. King’s words are astonishing. Americans should be shocked that this contemptible man can dismiss fellow Americans who suffer from the policies instigated by politicians, such as himself, as losers. By his words he betrays the people who voted for him.

As usual with the anti-protest lobby he accused the protesters of not having a plan for what should be done. This is a red herring. The protesters are not the people who destroyed the economies of the western world. Mainly, they are not economists or bankers and therefore do not even understand what happened. No, the protesters are the people who suffered the consequences of the actions of  economists and bankers.

Let me state something which should be obvious to anyone who claims to believe in democracy and, incidentally, The American way.


To protest you do not have to set up a complete set of alternative policies. The point of protest is a cry for help and Mr. King is ignoring these cries.

In the Bloomberg TV excerpt Mr. King appeared obsessed with cleanliness and repeated the phrase “living in dirt” numerous times. Let me suggest to this simplistic and monumentally arrogant man that, when push comes to shove, people ARE proud to live in dirt. I have absolutely no doubt that when this charlatan speaks of World War 2 or Vietnam he will eulogized the G.I.’s who lived in dirt while on active service.

We, the people who have been ripped off by our leadership, should acclaim the people who “live in dirt” in the Occupy protests because they make physical the utter repugnance and outrage that ordinary people feel for the scum who ruined our economies and then claimed that they had to be well paid or they would leave. The short answer to this is to tell them straight. Just Go. Go. And take Peter King with you.

Police Bullshit

I just watched a TV advert with a bunch of youngsters driving along in a car. The eyes of the people have been altered to appear large and the voice over says “Drugs have an involuntary effect on the eyes that you can’t control, the police can spot this.” and a police car drives by while the guy with enormous eyes gapes out of the window.

Ignore the ignorance of “an involuntary effect …that you can’t control”.

This is bullshit scare tactics. They are talking about the fact that some drugs cause the pupils to dilate, ie enlarge. Not the whole eye, just the pupil.

The police, or anyone else for that matter, can NOT see if your pupils are dilated through two panes of glass at a distance of several feet. Furthermore it is normal for pupils to dilate in the dark and for other reasons such as eye drops.

Remember the ad run a few months ago telling everyone that if you see something suspicious you should report it and showing two men standing under a street light?

This is yet another example of bullshit scare tactics by the establishment.

The atmosphere of the UK is becoming more and more oppressive as the establishment resort to coercion to solve every problem.


Drug Classification – Spinning the truth

This morning I listened to the news on the BBC and heard Professor David Nutt say that the drug ecstasy should be downgraded from Class A to the less serious Class B as it was no where near as dangerous as other Class A drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Then I listened to a member of the current government say that this was outrageous and that this would send the wrong message to people.

“Send the wrong message” – Now what does that remind me of? Oh yes, “Spin”.


It seems to me that the Blair/Brown regime has built an edifice of bullshit by continually worrying about what “message” it is sending. It seems to me that if you have a grading scheme for drugs but place everything in the top category from fear of “sending the wrong message” you undermine the whole scheme.

Having encountered drugs as a teenager I well remember the obvious falsehoods and hysteria put out by “the establishment”. This misinformation  directly contradicted our own experience and we quickly learned not to trust adult opinion on the subject.

When considering what message the government should be sending the government should simply tell the truth. Ah, but the truth. I don’t believe that Blair or Brown would recognise the truth if it stood up and kicked them in the teeth. Come to think of it the truth has kicked Brown in the teeth in the form of “No More Boom and Bust” ….oops!, ….the biggest bust since the Wall Street Crash. Yet he still hasn’t recognised it.

I guess that when it comes to the subject of drugs “the establishment” will always be TALKING BOLLOCKS.





Thanks to the BBC for the chart above and Wikipedia for the figures below.




Class A

Class B

Class C



6 months / £5000 fine

3 months / £2500 fine

3 months / £500 fine


7 years / unlimited fine

5 years / unlimited fine

2 years / unlimited fine



6 months / £5000 fine

6 months / £5000 fine

3 months / £2000 fine


Life / unlimited fine

14 years / unlimited fine

14 years / unlimited fine